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Back-up your Mazak control data, just in case.
Also this gives you a "Machine-Image" stored on your computer.

Usually everything is fine, but once in a while, the Mazak control (like any electronic equipment) might hiccup, get hit by static-electricity, a voltage surge, or whatever, and lose all its data (Machine-parameters, Cut-Conditions, Tool-File, etc.).

It is recommended that you back-up all the data for each control in your shop, and store this in a safe place. It is recommended that on the computer, you have a separate folder for each machine's data. Use MazaCAM to download this data into that folder.

It is recommended that you do NOT store any programs in this same file. Store your programs in a separate file.

The procedure is a little different for various generations; for your specific control, see MazaCAM help topic Receive Tool-File,Tool-Data, etc from Mazak: Exact buttons to push on the Mazak. 
For example to use CMT (serial-port) communications on a Fusion control:

  1. Set up MazaCAM to receive from Mazak, and when you have selected the folder and file to save it as, it will say "Waiting".

  2. Go to the Mazak CNC:

  1. Push the far left button until you see "DATA I/O" on the screen menu.

  2. Push the "DATA I/O" button.

  3. Push "CMT I/O".

  4. Push "SAVE NC CMT".

  5. Push the arrow keys down until you get to the Tool-Data.

  6. Push the "Input" (Enter) button on the Mazak to highlight that selection.

  7. Keep pressing the "Input" button to select all the data-section items (Tool-Data, Tool-File, Cut-Conditions, Machine-Parameters, User-Parameters, etc).

  8. Push "START"; the Mazak CNC should start downloading to the pc.

  9. The cursor on the Mazak CRT should be blinking on the work number while the Machine is sending the Program. If "CMT I/O ERROR" shows up on the screen, check your wiring or user parameters/baud rate.

To use these files as a "Machine-Image" to be able to select tools and program faster, see MazaCAM Editor help topic:  How to set up MazaCAM to Create Mazatrol Programs Faster

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