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Plotting the Part-Shape

In the MazaCAM Editor, the "Program > Plot-Shape" command will show you a picture of the shapes defined in your Mazatrol program.

When the window is shown, you can change the size by moving the mouse to one of the lower corners to where it shows as a double-arrow (when right on the corner, it will show as a diagonal double-arrow). Now hold the left-mouse-button down and drag to make it the size you want.

Now command "Program > Plot-Shape" again, and the image will be the size you just made it.

You can leave the plot-shape window open, and then open different Mazatrol programs, and now when you "Program > Plot-Shape", it will show you the new program in that plot-shape window.

Note: If you want more powerful display tools, such as: zoom, viewing from different angles, measuring the information shown, showing the tool-path, run-time estimation and other handy features these are available in the MazaCAM Performance Package.

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